Terms & Conditions

Vertical Blind Slats are made to measure products and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for Customer mismeasurments. As the fabrics are to replace existing slats all that we ask is that the length measurements and unit of measurment provided are carefully noted, in return the ordered goods that you receive will reflect those details given. In such instances where Customers are not sure of how to register measurement and units then it would be wise to obtain a second validation.

Measurment required for production to take place is literally the exact length of the existing vane/slat from fabric top to fabric bottom - DO NOT INCLUDE HEADRAIL, PROTRUDING HANGER OR MAKE ANY ADDITIONS FOR THE POCKETS OR HEMS. Existing hangers, weights and chains will be transferrable into your new replacement slats, measuring information is available at the following link -  VERTICAL BLIND SLAT MEASURING ADVICE

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